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Driving Horse Breeds List • Light Draft • Carriage Horses
There are several horse breeds that have conformation that is well suited to driving, for both pleasure and sport such as harness racing and showing.

These driving horses have lighter conformation than that of the heavy draft horses and offer a faster, agile and more versatile horse that are capable of pulling light loads.

Conformation Of Driving Horses
Driving horses have a more refined conformation than the heavy draft horse allows them to offer greater speed and agility, and in the case of the hackney can also have extravagant foreleg action as well. Driving horses often have powerful shoulders and hindquarters combined with a strong, broad back and thick mane and tails combined with an amiable temperament.

Driving Horses
Some of the most popular breeds used for pleasure driving, competition driving and showing and harness racing:

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Driving Ponies
There are several breeds that can be used very successfully for driving, here are some of the most popular ones that are often chosen due to their trainable nature and conformation: