Fell Pony Breed

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Fell Pony

Fell Pony
This wonderful looking pony looks similar to  that of the Dales and Friesian but is a little smaller. The Fell pony has excellent  active paces, a strong physique and a willing nature making it an popular all round riding and driving horse.

They are from the West  of the Pennines in England.

Fell ponies are between 10 to 14 HH.

Fell ponies are predominantly black but can also be brown, bay and grey.


This lovely natured pony is descended from native pony breeds such as the Dales and Welsh mountain mixed with the Friesian horse to produce a slightly lighter framed pony who is never the less just as strong and powerful. There strength has been used for shepherding, working the land,  pack work and mining and there sure footedness makes them an excellent ridden mount for the awkward terrain of the Fells.

Fell ponies can be used as an all round riding and driving horse.

Famous Fact
The Duke of Edinburgh used to drive a team of Fell ponies in competition.

The Fell Pony Society
The society aims to preserve and protect this beautiful breed of horse.