Friesian Horse Breed

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Friesian Horse

Friesian Horse
A good looking compact horse who has good overall conformation,  active paces and a kind and generous nature. It is an excellent all round horse who excels in riding and  looks stunning as a driving horse.

The Friesian horse originates in Fries land in the Netherlands.

Height 15 to 16 HH



The Friesian was named after the area in the Netherlands where it comes from. The Friesian was originally used by knights in the medieval period to carry them into battle, and has been used throughout history for  riding, driving and farm work. Nowadays they excel in the field of dressage as well as carriage driving and make an excellent all round horse.

The Friesian was used for farm work and light carriage work often  pulling native Sjees which is an open carriage for two people often ornately decorated.  During the eighty years war the Friesian was first mated with Andalusian blood  to give a lighter breed of horse. When the demand for a lighter horse capable of more ridden work  emerged the Friesian was mixed with Hanovarian and further  Andalusians with great care being taken to keep the breeds high stepping active and agile paces and wonderful temperament.

The Friesian has been used to influence many other breeds such as the Fell, Dales, Clydesdale and Shire horses, the likeness can be especially seen with regard to the Fell and Dales ponies.

Are as an all round riding and driving horse, who excels in the sport of dressage due to its active and agile paces, stunning good looks and trainable temperament.

Friesian Horse Association Of North America
The association helps to protect this beautiful breed and can offer assistance to breeders and owners.