Draft Horses

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Draft Horses
Draft horses have played an important role throughout history, where they have proved to be invaluable and an incredibly versitile animal whose nature and strength have and still continue to be harnessed both for work and pleasure purposes.

The Draft horses excellent kind and willing temperament is highly sought after and one of their most endearing qualities, it is for this reason and for their shear power and strength that draft horses have been crossed with other breeds to improve breed lines, providing a wide range of draft horses that vary from the large drafts such as the Shire and Percheron to smaller breeds such as the Bashkir and Jutland.

Draft Horse Tack • Draft Horse Harness
Draft horse and driving harnesses offer the driver the ability to control one or more horses from ploughing in the field to harness racing and carriage driving. The tack includes the draft horse harness and bridle with information about each part and its purpose... more about Draft Horse Tack

Draft Horse Breeds
There are numerous draft horse breeds to be found throughout the world, with each one having its own unique characteristics whilst still retaining its heavy horse status of power, willingness and docile temperament... more about Draft Horse Breeds

Driving Horses
With its lighter and more slender conformation than the heavy draft horse, driving horses offer athleticism and speed, while still retaining a willing temperament. Driving horses vary greatly in conformation and performance with some breeds excelling at harness racing while others tailored more to showing and pleasure driving... more about Driving Horses