Highland Pony Breed

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Highland Pony

Highland Pony
This handsome pony is known for its great strength and versatility making it an excellent all round riding and driving pony.  It is sure footed and very hardy by nature which enables it to be able to survive the harsh winter conditions of the Highland of Scotland where it comes from.

Highland ponies originate in the Highlands in Scotland, England.

13 to 14.2 HH.

Highland ponies can be dun, grey, black or brown


The Highland has evolved from mixing Arab and Clydesdale with native breeds of Ireland to produce a surefooted, hardy  horse who is strong and willing and able to perform a number of tasks both under saddle for hunting and shepherding  and  in harness for farm and forest work making it an excellent all rounder.

Interesting Fact
Dun colored Highland ponies often have a dorsal stripe along their backs, frequently with zebra stripes as well.

Highland ponies are often used as an all round riding and driving pony.

Highland Pony Society
The society works to protect this beautiful breed of horse and provides further information of breeding, stallions and events.