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Hooves, Shoes and Shoeing
Correct care and management of the horses hooves and internal hoof structure are of the utmost importance in helping to maintain a healthy, happy and sound horse.

Horse Hooves
The horses hooves play a vital role in soundness and the over all way of going of your horse. Daily care of your horses hooves along with nutrition and regular visits from a qualified farrier are essential in maintaining a healthy hoof. A correctly shod hoof is one which has a correct hoof Pastern Axis and Hairline angle.

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Horse Shoeing
Horse Shoeing is the process of applying shoes to the horses hoof by means of either a hot or cold shoeing process, this allows the horse to work for longer periods of time without excessive wearing down of the hoof structure, which can also help to provide the horse with grip. Shoeing can also help with action and conformation related problems and assist with ailments such as Navicular disease.

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Horse Shoes
Horse shoes offer the horse protection, grip and support. There are several different types of horse shoes currently available to help with your horses action, way of going and any ailments they may be suffering from such as Laminitis or Navicular Disease. Most shoes are currently made of steel, however aluminium, plastic and rubber all have their uses.

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