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Hooves, Shoes and Shoeing
Horses hooves play a very important role in the soundness, conformation and way of going of the horse. Correct hoof management of both the shod and unshod horse require the specialist skills of a qualified farrier.

Horses Hooves
The hooves of horses are are made up of:

Every part of the horses hoof is vulnerable, and the correct daily care of the hoof along with foot balance, and nutrition, will help to keep your horse sound and free from injury.

More About The Hoof And Lower Leg Structure

Healthy Hooves
To help maintain your horses hooves in the best condition take the following into consideration:

Daily Care Of Hooves
Horses require daily hoof care in order to check them for stones, bruising or puncture wounds, infection and for any damage to the hoof wall, shoes and+ for general soundness.

Every day your horses feet should be:

Daily Care Of Hooves Continued

Hoof Angles
A well balanced hoof will have the same angles as that of the Coffin bone within the hoof capsule. The two main angles to look for are the Hairline and Toe Angles.

Hoof Protection
Have a qualified farrier regularly visit your horse, this can be anything from 4 to 6 weeks.