Horse Shoes

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Horse Shoes
Horse shoes are quite literally shoes used to offer the horses hoof protection from excessive wear and tear that modern pleasure, work and sport horses can undergo.

The Need For Horseshoes

Shoes Are Made Of

Horse Shoe History
The use of hoof protection has long been established although the exact date that hoof protection actually started cannot be truly identified. In Roman times the use of a Hipposandal was used, this was a piece of tough leather cloth that was wrapped around the hoof and fastened. Later during the Crusades of 1096 the practice of nailing on horse shoes was fully established although exactly when the practice of nailing the shoes began is unknown.

Specialist Horse Shoes
There are many variations of the traditional horse shoe available, that can be used for specific disciplines, assist horses with specific veterinary ailments and conformation weaknesses.

Good Luck Talisman
In many cultures horse shoes are considered to bring good luck and protection. Some cultures believe that the horse shoe should point down to bring good luck and in others the horseshoe should point up. The horseshoes are often painted to add to their significance and hung in places where they are clearly visible which is often on doors.