Horse Anatomy
Equine Anatomy

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Horses Anatomy

Horse Anatomy
The horses structure is made up of many different parts each with their own purpose and function.

The Respiratory System
This allows the horse to breath in vital oxygen required for life processes and to expel the waste product carbon dioxide.

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The Circulatory System
This is made up of the heart, veins, capillaries and arteries and is used for the transport of blood throughout the horses body.

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The Digestive System
This is the process through which food is broken down both mechanically and chemically within the horses body and through this digestive process the food is able to be utilized by the horse.

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Points Of The Horse
Each area of the horse has a different name.

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The Equine Skeleton
Around 205 bones provide the horse with a framework, protection, movement, storage and red blood cell production.

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Equine Dental Structure
The horses mouth is made up Incisors, Molars and sometimes Canines and wolf teeth. Regular dental care by a veterinarian or qualified dental technician and also being able to recognize potential problems will help your horse to stay healthy and happy in work and in play.

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Hoof And Lower Leg Structure
This is made up of tendons, bones, ligaments, external structures and sensitive structures.

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Equine Muscles
The horse uses different muscles to allow movement and other important body functions to take place. The main types of muscle are cardiac, smooth and skeletal.

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