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The Olympics - Equestrianism At The Olympics

The Olympic games are an International event that cover a wide range of different sports, the equestrian sports held at the event are Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing with both team and individual medals awarded for each discipline.

When Are The Olympics
The Olympic games are held every 4 years with the next games being held in 2012 in London.

Olympic motto : "Citius Altius Fortius" which means faster, higher, stronger.

Olympic rings: designed in 1913, adopted in 1914 and used in the antwerp olympics in 1920

Olympic Equestrian Disciplines - Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing.

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Olympic Show Jumping History

Olympic Dressage History

History Of Equestrianism At The Olympic Games Continued:

Olympic Eventing History

Countries that have held Olympic Games
1896 Athens, Greece (no equestrian games)
1900 Paris, France
1904 St. Louis, United States. (no equestrian games)
1908 London, Great Briton. (no equestrian games)
1912 Stockholm, Sweden.
1916 Berlin, Germany. - (Cancelled)
1920 Antwerp, Belgium.
1924 Paris, France.
1928 Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1932 Los Angeles, United States
1936 Berlin, Germany.
1940, Tokyo, Japan. (cancelled)
1944, London, Great Briton. (cancelled).
1948, LOndon, Great Briton.
1952 Helsinki, Finland.
1956 Stockholm, Sweden
1960 Rome, Italy
1964 Tokyo, Japan.
1968 Mexico City, Mexico.
1972 Munich, Germany.
1976 Montreal, Canada.
1980 Lake Placid, United States
1984 Los Angeles, United States
1988 Seoul, South Korea.
1992 Barcelona, Spain.
1996 Atlanta, United States
2000 Sydney, Australia.
2004 Athens, Greece.
2008 Beijing, China
2012 London, Great Britain.
2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil