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Riding Gloves
Horses are by there very nature unpredictable and having a good pair of gloves is essential for both horse care situations, general handling and riding.

There are times when a good pair of gloves are essential such as when leading young or excitable horses to and from fields, loading horses into a trailer or lorry as well as for riding or lunging horses when gloves offer grip and protection as well as warmth on a cold day. Glove sizes are as varied as their colours and there are plenty of options available depending on your personal preference. Thin gloves allow a closer feel on the rein and less bulk whereas you cant beat a thick pair of gloves when mucking out or feeding on a cold frosty morning.

Many gloves today are made out of materials such as leather, cotton, thinsulate or wool and are available in a wide range of colours and sizes to match. Children's gloves are often the most colourful with adult gloves featuring additions such as extra grip, air flow, waterproofing and velcro closures to ensure that the gloves fit snugly.

Colours For Competition
White or black gloves are traditionally worn for competitive riding and in some cases are compulsory items that are stated in the rule book. For dressage riding white, beige or cream gloves are strongly preferred and for show jumping and eventing white or black are required.