Horse Riding Whips

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Horse Riding Whips
Whips are used to back up the riders leg aids and encourage the horse on. They should always be carried in the inside hand and used just behind the riders leg (with the exception of the lunge whip). The main types of whip are the short whip, the dressage whip, the hunting whip, the lunge whip, the polo whip, and the show cane.

Short Whip
Used for show jumping, cross-country, hacking and general activities It should be carried in the inside hand and should lye half way across the riders thigh. To use it, put both reins into the outside hand and use just behind the lower leg. Short whips vary in length from 16 inches to 29 inches.

Dressage Whip
Used for schooling and dressage, it is much longer than a short whip so that it can be used by the rider by simply turning the wrist to get the whip to flick the side of the horse. The rider can therefore be quicker, more subtle and remain more in control when using it because, he will still have both hands on the reins. Dressage whips range from 39 to 42 inches.

Hunting Whip
Is short in design with a curved handle top for opening and closing gates, and a lash at the other end. The hunting whip is NOT to be used on the horse, it is simply carried.

Polo Whip
Used exclusively for Polo, this has a thin handle and wrist strap and the whip itself gets thinner towards the end.

Show Cane
This has no handle and is approximately 24 inches long in either black or brown.

Lunge Whip
Used when lunging the horse. When the horse is on a circle on the left rein the trainer holds the whip in the right hand and aims the whip at the horses quarters at approximately the same height as the lunge line which forms a triangle with the trainer. Lunge whips have a longer handle than dressage and short whips, and they have a plaited thread lash which is approximately 66 inches long.