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Riding Hats and Helmets
Hard hats are worn for riding, lunging and leading horses, and in any other situations where a hard hat isthought necessary, for example when clipping a horse or holding for the farrier, veterinary surgeon, or equine dentist.

Types Of Hat
There are many different riding helmets available today and with a variety of technology that offers ventilation, weight and harness options as well as different types of hat which are most suited to a specific discipline:

Riding hats are fitted by measuring the circumference of your head and are designed to fit across the rim across your forehead. They should be snug enough so that when your head is tilted forward the hat should still stay in place and a fingers width should be able to be fitted into the back of the hat. When purchasing a hat go to one which has a British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) qualified member of staff as they will have done a specialist course in hat fitting an will be able to ensure a perfect fit.

Hard shells are made of a variety of light and strong materials, and depending on the brand you buy, this could be fibreglass, carbon fibre, or a lightweight injection moulded plastic shell.


On the inside of the hat will be stated the size, which is a measurement in centimeters and inches, and can range from 49 to 65 cm or 6 to 8 inches allowing for a wide range in both child and adult sizes.


UK Highway Legal Requirement
It is now against the law for a child under 14 years of age to be on public highways without a hat. The standard accepted is BS4472 but the more up to date PAS015 is the best current choice.

Skull caps can be worn with a hat cover which are coverings often made of lycra or velvet that are attached over the top of the skull cap to give the hat a more traditional look with a peak. They come in a wide range of colors and styles and so are ideal for both pleasure, eventing, dressage, racing and pony club riding.

Keep hats in a safe place, a padded hat bag is ideal for both every day and at competitions.

It is essential to have your hat correctly fitted by a professional and trained hat fitter and in the event of a fall the hat will need to be replaced.