Large Strongyles - Horse Worms

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Large Strongyle Worms
These nematode worms are a real problem for the horse, being more damaging than the small strongyles.

Other Names
Sometimes they are also known as blood worms and also red worms due to being red in colour.

Most large Strongyle types are around half to two inches in length and most are either white or red in colour.

Horses At Risk
All horses at potentially at risk, with very young horses being most at risk. Infection can also occur where there are several horses all over grazing a pasture.

Strongyle Infection


Horses are usually infected with both large and small strongyles and it is only by having a faecal culture done that identification of the larvae will be possible.


Three Types Of Large Strongyle Worms
The three most common types of large strongyle worms are Strongylus vulgaris, Strongylus edentatus and Strongylus equinus