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Horse Worming Schedule
There are many different worming programme's and products available so you need to consult with your veterinary surgeon who will be able to advise you on an appropriate worming program precisely tailored for your horse with any specific requirements that you may have, for example taking into account the age of your horse.

There are several worming options available, the most popular are tactical, strategic and targeted:

Strategic Worming
With a strategic worming program your vet will need a sample of your horses droppings and will do a blood test at intervals throughout the year. A strategic worming program targets the worms that are present in your horse, if worm counts are low there may be no need to worm at all and if the count is high specific worms can be targeted. Strategic worming can reduce the amount of chemical wormers that are needed in a year.

Tactical Worming
With tactical worming you choose one type of chemical group of wormer for example Macrocyclic Lactones to be your routine wormer for the whole year that will treat for Small Strongyles (Small Redworm) in particular and also in most cases some of the other worms as well.

This routine wormer should be given approximately every 6 to 8 weeks or at the interval suggested by the manufacturer. So for much of the year you will be using the same wormer with the use of different wormers being added at certain intervals to target specific parasites.

Ensure that you correctly weigh your horse so that the correct dosage can be given.

During the summer months change the active ingredient of your chosen chemical group.

Every year change the chemical group that you choose to avoid resistance to the wormers from building up.

Follow the manufacturers guidelines as to the dosing amount.

An Example Of A Tactical Worming Plan
To give you an idea, here is an example of a tactical worming plan, obviously you will need to read the manufacturers guidelines very carefully with regards to the amounts and frequency that each wormer should be given as some can be 6 weeks and others can be 10 weeks so it is very important to check first.

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