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Horse Wormers - Brands
There are many horse worming brands available, each brand will have its own mix of active ingredients to help target specific worms and so each brand needs to be carefully looked into to ascertain which is most appropriate brand for each stage of your worming plan.

The manufacturers guidelines will also vary with regards to the amount and frequency given. Ensure that you know your horses weight before you start to administer the wormer.

Consult with your veterinarian the most appropriate worming plan for your horse as this will be tailored specifically for your horses needs.

Be aware also that such treatments (like all medicines) may have side effects which you should be aware of, and expert practitioners may know of products which are problematic even though manufacturers will stand by such products for commercial reasons.

Horse Wormers (Brands Available)
There are a variety of brands of horse wormer available such as:

Below is a selection of worming brands, their active ingredients, chemical group and what they treat for. Some of these details may be subject to change so read and follow the manufacturers guidelines carefully.

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