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Horse Veterinary Care
You will ideally have access to a qualified veterinary surgeon (preferably a specialist equine vet) at all times. Make sure to have their details ready for an emergency.

Vital Statistics
Have a record of your horses vital statistics when well, so as you can be better informed as to when your horse may not be well. Write down the following information:


An ailment is a  bodily disorder, disease or illness  that can affect not only your horses health and well being  but also the health of other horses around as well. Knowing  about the different ailments that are common to the equine will help you to recognize and treat them with far more success, if in any doubt call your veterinary surgeon and  where possible remember the golden rule,  prevention is better than cure.

More on Types of Ailments

Complimentary Medicines

These are alternative medicine practices and can include;

First Aid Kit
In addition to having 24/7/365 access to the services of a veterinary surgeon, you should have a first aid kit for your horse to deal with minor injuries and ailments.

A well stocked horse first aid kit should contain the following items in a clean and dry box: