Horse Stables And Barns
Equestrian Stabling

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Horse Stables

Horse Stables And Barns
A stable is a specially designed building in which to safely house a horse.

Types of Stable
Traditional stables have long been used, and with them you can see either a single stable or rows of stables offering the horse its own individual and private area that looks and leads out directly onto the yard, or you can have your horses stabled in an American barn style which is where you have several horses under one roof in individual stables within an indoor enclosed area.

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Stable Design And Construction
The stable itself must provide a safe environment for your horse with several factors being taken into consideration, such as stable safety, size, ventilation, drainage, flooring, lighting, windows, fittings, walls, structure and positioning.

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Specialist Stable Units
This can include foaling boxes, hydrotherapy units, solariums, wash down areas and veterinary boxes.

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Stable Supplies And Equipment
There are many different pieces of yard equipment that you will need, such as day to day tools and supplies that will help to ensure that your stable yard is well maintained.

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