Horse Stables And Barns

From: Horse Stables And Barns

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A stable is a building in which a horse can be housed. A stable should be well built and secure offering a safe environment that will protect against the weather and from other horses and be practical to use.

Stable Design
The stable itself must provide a safe enviroment for the horse to be in. Safety, security, size, ventilation, drainage, flooring, lighting, windows, fixtures and fittings, accessibility, structure and positioning are all factors which must be taken into consideration.

Fixtures And Fittings
There are many useful fittings that will enhance the practical use of your stable such as tie rings, hay rack, water drinkers, feed mangers and window vents, stable window panel.

Positioning And Layout
Careful positioning of your yard is essential, with thought being taken into account of access not only for horses but also for deliveries such as hay,straw, shavings and feed and also access for veterinarians, clients and farriers.
The yard layout that you choose must be workmanlike and safe and offer easy accessibility to all who will need to use it.