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How To Clip The Horse's Head
Bridle Path • Clipping

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Horse Clipping • Part Two • Clipping The Head And Bridle Path
There is not always the need to remove all the hair from the horses head and especially for young horses who may be new to clipping or those with sensitive ears clipping half of the face also known as a bridle path is a great option as only the hair on the side and underneath the jaw is removed.

Start on the underside of the jaw and work your way up to where you wish the clip line to run. Because the hair may lie towards the eye, you will need to cup your hand over the eye to protect it and have your assistant keep your horses head steady.

If clipped correctly the bridle path will run from the corner of the mouth to behind the ears and when the bridle is fitted the cheek pieces and head piece will hide the clip line going up the side of the face. In order to successfully clip under the jaw, ask your horse to stretch its head forward allowing you to more easily run the clippers along the underside of the jaw.