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Horse Clipped

Horse Clipping
In the autumn horses start to get their winter coats coming through in varying degrees of thickness according to the individual horse.

Horses who continue to work may need to be clipped to allow them to do so without the worry of them catching a chill and to improve their overall appearance.

There are many different types of clip available and it will depend on the type of work to be done and whether your horse will be living in or wintering out.

If you are to clip your horse you must ensure that you can suitably keep your horse warm by supplying rugs.

Always have plenty of spare rugs available just in case one goes off to be repaired, or is still wet from the day before. If you have spare rugs you can also layer them up when the weather turns cold.

What You Will Need

How To Clip

Getting Started

After Clipping
When you have finished clipping switch off the clippers and put safely out of the way ready for cleaning. Ensure to praise your horse, after all the happier they are the easier it will be to clip them next time, you will then need to ensure that your horse is warm enough, so rug accordingly. Skip out the area where you clipped so that the area is ready for the next horse.

Cleaning The Clippers
Ensure that they have been properly disconnected, if you used an extension cable put it away neatly. Then unscrew the top and place it in a secure area along with the spring and metal clip that holds the blades in place, then gently lift the blades off, be careful not to drop them. Brush away any hair that has built up from both the clippers and blades, then using a spare cloth wipe the surfaces down. Then oil the clippers and blades and place both neatly back in their case.