Dressage - Shoulder In
Lateral Work

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Dressage - Shoulder In
This is where the horse moves on three tracks with the shoulders In from the track.

Shoulder in is a useful exercise for lightening up a horses forehand as well as helping to supple the horse through their shoulders. It helps to teach the horse to listen carefully and remain attentive to the riders aids.

Riding Shoulder In
The best way to start riding shoulder in is by going along the outside track.

Follow On From Shoulder In
Once you become proficient at shoulder in, then you can progress to Travers and then Half pass.

Footfalls Of Shoulder In
Shoulder In is ridden on three tracks, if you are riding shoulder in on the left rein the horse will have their near side foreleg on one track, then the off fore and near hind on a track together with the off hind on a track to itself.


Common Faults

To begin with ride a few steps of Shoulder In at a time, this will build up both the horse and rider confidence and suppleness. Once both horse and rider are progressing well then Shoulder In can also be ridden up the centre line, and with or without the circle.