Dressage - Leg Yield
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Horse Training - Leg Yield
This is a Dressage exercise used to supple the horse throughout its entire body. The horse has to move both forwards and sideways at the same time, and remain parallel with the outside track. This is achieved by the horse crossing the front and hind legs over each other during the forwards stride.

It takes time to become proficient at leg yield, the rider needs to be able to give the horse clear aids for leg yield and be able to feel through their seat what the horse is doing underneath them in order to be able to correct the horse if they go unbalanced and feel to what extent the leg yield is progressing to.

The horse needs to build up suppleness, strength and elasticity in order to become proficient. With time they should be able to easily move across a 20 by 40 meter school from one top corner across to the corner in the opposite diagonal.

Aids For Leg Yield


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