Parts Of A Horse Riding Saddle

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Horse Riding Saddles - Parts Of The Saddle

This is at the very front of the saddle, and it should form a clear arch over the horses withers.

This is the area that the rider sits, in some saddles the seat can be made up of a different material than that of the rest of the saddle for example a leather saddle with the seat in suede.

This is towards the rear of the saddle and can be high or low depending on your preference.

This part of the saddle covers the Bar, stirrup buckle and leathers. It protects both the saddle and the riders leg and can be found towards the front of the saddle under the front part of the seat extending to under the pommel.

D Rings
These are traditionally made of stainless steel and allow the rider to attach saddle bags,lead ropes and anything else the rider deems necessary.

Saddle Flap
This is a flat piece of material which extends down from underneath the seat, the shape of the saddle flap will dictate for what purpose the saddle will be used for, on the saddle flap there should be a keeper.

Knee Roll
This is positioned towards the front of the saddle and extends down the front of the saddle flap. A long knee roll would be used for dressage while one that is designed to be brought forward would be used for jumping or general purpose.

Thigh Roll
Positioned towards the rear of the underside of the saddle , this helps to position the riders lower leg securely in place.

Girth Straps
These extend down from underneath the saddle flap being securely held in place under the tree. There should be at least three straps in all to which the girth is attached.On a dressage saddle the leathers are extended so that a shorter girth can be used.

Buckle Guard
This is a piece of leather which attaches itself to the girth straps,its function is to protect the underneath of the saddle from damage by the girth buckles.

Fixed Head
Found on a side saddle, usually on the left hand side. It is this that the rider puts her top leg over.

Leaping Head
Found on a side saddle it sits below the fixed head.

Found at the front of a western saddle.

Stirrup Leathers
It is from these that stirrup irons are hung they are held in place by the bar of the saddle.

Stirrup Irons
Hang from stirrup leathers and are made of stainless steel.

This is a small piece of leather found on the saddle flap just behind where the riders leg would sit, it is through this that the end of the stirrup leather is thread to keep it from interfering with the riders leg.

Attached to the tree at one end just underneath the skirt of the saddle, it is from here that the stirrup leathers are attached,because the bar is fixed at only one end should the stirrup leather need to be pulled off it would.

The framework of the saddle.Usually made of wood, it is this framework which dictates for what purpose the saddle will be used for.

The clear channel that sits over the horses spine,when looking through the gullet you should be able to see daylight.