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Horse Riding Saddles - Saddle Accessories

This is used to keep the saddle in place, it has two buckles at either end which attach themselves to the girth straps of the saddle, for security you should attach the girth to the first and third girth straps as the first girth strap is attached to a separate part of the saddle than the second two,so if one girth strap breaks the other will hold your saddle in place. Girths are are made of leather,synthetic or cotton.A dressage girth is much shorter so that the buckles do not interfere with the riders contact with the horse.A Stud girth is one with a widened panel which when the horse is jumping will protect the horses underneath from being damaged from the wearing of studs.An over girth is used for cross country it lies on top of the saddle being passed through the martingale loop at the bottom it acts as a secondary safety girth should anything happen to the original.

Girth Sleeve
Slides on to the girth and is made of either synthetic or sheepskin material this will help to prevent rubbing or girth sores.

Made of cotton they protect the under side of the saddle. A numnah is in the shape of the saddle and should not be so bulky that it alters the fit of the saddle.

Worn under the saddle a saddle cloth is square in shape and is predominantly used with dressage saddles.A saddlecloth should not be so bulky as to interfere with the fit of the saddle.

Seat Saver
A padded cover usually made of sheepskin or suede, it covers the seat of the saddle and offers the rider some extra comfort.

Gel Pad
A pad which sits in between the saddle and the numnah and allows the riders weight to be evenly spread therefore reducing pressure points.

Saddle Bag
This is a bag which sits behind the saddle and offers the rider the ability to place any items required for the journey and the ability to access it whilst on or off the horse.

Breast Plate
This is used to help secure a saddle and prevent it from slipping.