How To Bridle Up A Horse

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How To Bridle Up Your Horse


If You Are Riding Immediatly
If you are riding immediately and there is no need to tie the horse back up then you will need to undo the headcollar from around their neck and fasten it to a tie ring, that way it keeps the headcollar clean, off the floor and from being tripped up over and the yard tidy.

If You Are Not Riding Straight Away
If you are not riding immediately then you will need to secure the reins so that they cannot become accidently undone and broken.To secure your reins you undo the throatlatch and twist the reins over one another,then thread the throatlatch through one of the twists preventing it from unravelling itself and do up the throatlatch still allowing a handspan distance.Then undo the headcollar and reposition over the horses head then clip the leadrope back onto the headcollar and tie the horse up.

Safety Check
Before riding you should double check that the bridle is fitted correctly all the buckles are secure and all the straps of the cheek pieces,noseband and throatlatch are being held in place by keepers this prevents them flapping on the side of the face and becoming undone.