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Care And Cleaning Of A Horse Bridle

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Care and Cleaning Of A Horse Bridle

Correct cleaning and care of your horses bridle is essential not only for your horses hygiene but also for rider safety.

Cleaning A Bridle

There are two methods used for cleaning a bridle, the complete method and the part clean method. A bridle should be fully dismantled and thoroughly cleaned once a week and part cleaned after each use during that week.

Reasons For Tack Cleaning

Equipment Needed


The Part Clean Method


Complete Tack Cleaning Method
The complete method of cleaning a bridle is a very thorough clean of each part of the bridle and it allows you to really closely check all stitching, buckles, billets and keepers on the bridle.

When you have finished tack cleaning your bridle should be hung up on a hook to help maintain the shape of the bridle. When hanging a bridle up ensure that the browband and noseband are facing outwards and that both are horizontal.

Fly Fringes And Sheepskin Covers
If your horse wears one regularly wash their fly fringe and any sheepskin nosebands or covers that they may wear.