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Dismounting The Horse

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This is the term used when getting off the horse. To dismount correctly and safely will require the rider to know the correct way to dismount, where to dismount and when to dismount.

Where To Dismount
A safe place that is away from traffic and any danger that may spook the horse. Somewhere that has a flat piece of ground, and will therefore give sure footing to both horse and for the rider when they reach the ground.

Correct Dismounting Procedure

When To Dismount
Only get off the horse when it is safe to do so. Always check your surroundings prior to dismounting. If you find yourself unable to dismount from the left hand side then you simply place your reins into the right hand, put your left hand on the pommel of the saddle, remove both feet from out of the stirrups and dismount to the right of the horse.

Unsafe Ways To Dismount
By bringing the right leg over in front of the saddle and sliding off down the side. This is not recommended because when bringing your leg over the front should your horse move off or lift up their head you will become unbalanced and also once on the ground you will have your back to the horse and will not have hold of your horse leaving them free to move off as they wish. Leaping up out of your stirrups and jumping off the horse will also leave you with no control of the horse and can also be unsettling for the horse, it also increases your chances of landing badly should you misjudge it.