Eight Year Ban For Godolphin Trainer
Horse Racing News 2013

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Eight Year Ban For Godolphin Trainer
Horse racing trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni has been given an eight year disqualification by the British Horse Racing Authority after he admitted to administering banned substances at the Godolphin stables at Newmarket.

The Godolphin yard which is owned by Sheikh Mohammed is located at Moulton Paddocks in Newmarket and has had the 11 horses that tested positive for performance enhancing drugs to be banned for 6 months before they will be permitted to race again. Moulton Paddocks stables itself has also undertaken to test all the horses that were currently being trained by Al Zarooni.

Mahmood Al Zarooni will now not be permitted to set foot on any horse racing training stables, racecourse or licenced premises until the end of the ban in 2021.