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In order to achieve success in competitions a great deal of practice is required. This should be both at home and away to ensure both horse and rider are capable of the competition task ahead.

Show Jumps
Horse and rider will need to have practiced up to and above the height they will be expected to do in competition, as well as practice riding around a course of show jumps. This way related distances, doubles, trebles, spreads and uprights will hopefully not be too troublesome on the day.

In order to practice you will need poles, jump wings, cups and fillers. The choice of traditional or modern will be up to you.

Being able to ride your horse around a full course of show jumps is essential for your pre competition training, that way the height and technicality of the course can be adjusted according to the level you and your horse are competing at.

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Cross Country Fences
There are many different types of cross country fences, every single fence will require concentration from both horse and rider, there is no such thing as an easy fence! Knowing what each fence is and how it should be ridden, as well as knowing your horse and other considerations such as ground conditions, will help the horse and rider to successfully negotiate the fences.

You can now get portable cross country fences which are ideal as they can be practiced in the arena at home and then moved out into a suitable field later on.

Fixed fences in the field should have suitable take off and landing ground as well as being safe and suitable for the horse and riders level of training.

In order to be successful in competition both horse and rider should have practiced over the different types of cross country fences that they are likely to come across, this can be done with fixed and portable fences in the field and also with show jumps and portable cross country fences in the menage.

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