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Wooden gate fences are another popular addition to many cross country course and can be used on their own or as part of a combination of fences.

To increase the severity of a gate fence they are often positioned at the edge of a forest or under a tree to test the horses ability to jump from light into dark as well as the testing the agility over the fence itself and if it is within a combination of fences the horse and rider will have to remain focussed and agile throughout and quickly adjust to the conditions.

Practice Jumping A Gate Fence
One of the best ways of practicing this type of fence is by using a show jumping gate filler within the menage at home. Practise jumping gates at an angle or a combination of gates can prove invaluable when it comes to jumping them out on a cross country course.

Riding A Gate Fence
Gate fences need careful yet positive riding, a fast or flat approach can easily lead to a horse leaving a leg behind or jumping the gate cleanly.