Corner Fence
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Corner Fence
The corner fence is a challenging cross country fence that tests the accuracy of both both horse and rider and can prove an excellent test for athleticism.

A corner fence is just as it sounds, triangular in shape with horse and rider jumping across the middle. Depending on the level of competition a corner fence can be mild with a narrow jumping width and wide lengthways or more severe where you will find the corner fence will have a wide angle across which to jump and narrow lengthways as well.

To add to the technical rating of a corner fence, they often often form part of a combination of fences often two or three corners in a row, or placed in a water complex or positioned on challenging undulating terrain.

Practice Over Corner Fences
Jumping a corner fence takes practice, which is often best achieved in the menage using poles, so that you can begin with a small angle and build up to a more acute angle once you get the hang of it. As you and your horses confidence grows you can then practice jumping multiple corners with varying distances and curving lines in between.

Riding A Corner Fence
Horses need to remain between the riders leg and hand throughout because any loss of communication will allow the horse to easily drift out to the side. The rider must also have a clear line over which they aim to jump enabling them to be precise in their riding.