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Angled Fence • Eventing Horse Jumps
When a fence is to be jumped at an angle and not straight on it can be easy for the horse to run past the jump and so requires accuracy and concentration.

You will often find several angled fences used in a row, testing the concentration and athleticism of horse and rider. Knowing your horses striding is essential with these jumps so that you can take the most suitable route through with correct striding to suit your horse.

Some of the most popular angled fences that you may come across include logs, tyre's and rails.

Practicing Angled Rails
Using show jump poles in an arena is an excellent way to practice this type of fence. Start off with a fairly low single fence and practice jumping it on a slight angle, as you progress you can build up the angle and height and then add further jumps at an angle afterwards to increase the severity of the exercise.

Riding Angled Rails
Ensure that you approach with plenty of impulsion but not speed and find the line that best suits your horse taking into account ground conditions and striding distance if there is more than one fence then confidently ride through keeping the horse between your leg and hand.