Road Safety Clothing

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Horse Road Safety
Every time you take your horse out onto the roads you need to take care. By observing the rules of the road, wearing the correct equipment and being aware of other road users will help you and your horse and others to stay safe.

The Rider
Must always be wearing a hard hat that is up to current safety standards. Sensible footwear that contains a heel so that it will not slip when the foot is in the stirrup. Gloves are highly recommended. The following will help the rider to become more visible to other road users.

The Handler
When leading a horse on the road, you must make sure it is wearing a correctly fitting bridle, that will give you the most amount of control. By placing items such as a florescent and/or reflective exercise sheet along with fluorescent brushing boots can only help to make your horse more visible.

When leading you must be wearing a hard hat that is up to current safety standards along with sensible footwear and gloves. Brightly colored gloves such as fluorescent or white are a great visual aid for other road users to see.

The Horse
Should be wearing a correctly fitting saddle and bridle. To make your horse more visible the following can also be used.