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Clothing - Jodhpurs
Both jodhpurs and breeches were designed with comfort and practicality in mind allowing the rider freedom of movement and protection when in the saddle.

The inner leg has a knee panel added to it which adds protection from rubbing due to its close contact position with the saddle. There is no inner seam which also prevents rubbing and discomfort. Some jodhpurs now come with a suede seat which gives the rider extra grip to the saddle and added comfort to the rider, pockets and belt loops are pretty standard.

Jodhpurs originated in India and they were originally tight fitting on the lower half of the leg and loose at the top, the majority of jodhpurs now are tight fitting all over with variations in shape from high waist to hipster and with some designed to be a slightly looser fit, more like a pair of trousers.

Jodhpurs are often made of cotton, lycra, cord and denim.

Range from children's to adults. To correctly measure you will need the waist size in inches, and the inner leg usually comes in standard or long.

A wide range of colours are now available for horse riders to choose from, for competition the most acceptable and permitted colours should be white or cream, although it is always important to check the rule book for specific equestrian sport that you wish to undertake.

If you are wearing jodhpurs with short boots then you should attach elasticated clips to the very bottom of either side of your jodhpurs which then go under the boot.