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Riding Boots - Accessories

Boot Clips
Attach to either side of the bottom of your jodhpurs going underneath the boot, to stop the jodhpurs from riding up.

Boot Pulls
Required with long leather boots, these fit into the inner loops on the inside of the boots, and with one boot pull in each hand, you use them to pull the boot on (an otherwise troublesome task!).

Boot Jack
Used for removing boots, you place your boot with the heel in the arc of the jack and with your other foot on the jack itself gently use the jack to lever the boot off (an otherwise even more troublesome task than putting them on without pulls!).

Boot Bag
Ideal for carrying and storage of your boots, keeping them protected from scuffing, damp, and dirt. Make sure your boots are completely dry before storing medium-long term in a boot bag otherwise they may become mildew and rot.

Boot Trees
Insert these into your boots to help them retain shape. They can also stop leather from curling and therefore help avoid cracking and splitting of the surface.

Leather Food
There are many proprietary leather foods available to keep leather supple and from drying out and cracking. Lanolin based products can be particularly good, but be careful to not over apply. Suede and Nubuck leathers require product specific to these leather finishes.