Horse Stable Types
Feed Room

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Feed Room
This is a separate room that will house feeding equipment, feed supplies, supplements and feeding charts for the stable yard.

Positioning (Deliveries)
The feed room needs to be close to the stables to allow for the feeds to be easily delivered to the horses as well as being positioned in a suitable location for receiving feed deliveries from feed suppliers.

The feed room should have enough space to comfortably stack feed bags, feed bins, feed buckets, supplements and feed equipment. The size of the doorway should be wide enough to allow feeds to be easily taken in and out of the feed room.

The floor needs to be flat and easy to clean so that feeds can be stacked up onto pallets in order to help prevent vermin from taking an interest and allow the feed sacks to be safely stacked up of the ground.

Water Supply
There should be access to water within the feed room, this will allow feeds such as sugar beet to be successfully prepared.

Feed Equipment

Feed Equipment Continued...

The feed room should be well lit so that care can be taken no matter what time of day you feed.

The feed room must be able to be locked to prevent horses from entering and helping themselves.