Horse Pasture and Grazing

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Horse Pasture

Horse Pasture And Grazing Management
There are many aspects to successful field management from day to day care to year round maintenance. Knowing what to do and when to do it is the key to successful field management for a beneficial pasture and safe grazing of your horse.

There are many different types of fences available to suit your own individual needs, the most important consideration is that the fencing is safe and secure and situated at the correct height to be suitable for the horses within the field.

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Fencing And Field Equipment
In order to maintain your field to the highest of standards there are several things that you will need to do on a day to day, monthly, and yearly basis and having the correct tools for the job will help you to accomplish this. There are also pieces of equipment that can be installed in the field itself for your horses well being and for efficient management.

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Yearly Care
Your fields will need to be rested, harrowed, seeded, fertilised and rolled at certain times of the year. Other tasks such as skipping out the fields, checking fences, gates, gateways and water troughs also need to be worked into a daily program to ensure good horse care and field management.

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Poisonous Plants
Care must be taken to check the types of plants that grow in your fields; knowing which plants are poisonous and what steps you can take to remove them will help you to maintain an excellent safe environment for your horses.

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