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Horse Pasture

Field Equipment
Having the right equipment will help you to keep your fields up together with ease.

A harrow is piece of agricultural equipment used for cultivating the top surface of the soil. Harrows were originally pulled by horses but now are more commonly used behind a tractor. There are three types of harrow which are the tine, disc and chain.

A roller is a piece of agricultural equipment that is used to compress the soil and level off any uneven surfaces or lumps of earth from around the field.

Broadcast Seeder (also known as a Broadcast Spreader) This is a piece of agricultural equipment that assists in evenly distributing seed and fertilizer around the field.

This is the name given for a farm vehicle that has large heavily treaded tyres and that can tow agricultural equipment. The word tractor means to pull and was taken from the traction engine.

Basic Tools
Basic tools are essential for day to day repairs and management.

Field Shelters
A field shelter will provide the horse with shelter during a number of weather conditions. During the summer months the shelter can be used as a comfort against the flies, heat and direct sunlight.

Paddock Vacuum
This is used to pick up horse droppings from around your field. The vacuum is pulled behind a tractor or small vehicle for large vacuums or pulled by hand for smaller units. The paddock vacuum works by having a suction tube which picks up the droppings from around the field.