Rules Of Feeding

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Rules Of Feeding

Calculating the horses bodyweight.
In order to accurately calculate how much total feed is required per day you will need to know the girth and length of the horse in either centimetres or inches, this will give you the horses bodyweight in either kilograms or pounds.

The calculations for bodyweight in kg and pounds:

Once you know what the horses bodyweight is you can then calculate the total amount of feed required per day. A horse will eat approximately 2.5% of their bodyweight, so the calculation that you require is Bodyweight in kg divided by 100 X 2.5 will give you the daily amount in kilograms.

Approximations of height and weight (kg)

12 HH - 250

13 HH - 300

14 HH - 450

15 HH - 500

16 HH - 650

17 HH - 750

18 HH - 850

This total daily amount then needs to be split up into the amount of concentrate and the amount of forage, this amount will depend on the amount of work being done, this can be ;

Light work - 70 % forage / 30% concentrate

Medium work - 60 % forage / 40 % concentrate

Hard work - 50 % forage / 50 % concentrate

An example diet would be a 500 kg horse in medium work will require a total of 12.5 kg in total per day, split this up 60/40 and he will require 7.5 kg of forage and 5 kg of concentrate. This split of concentrate and forage should be evenly split up throughout the day so as not to overload the horses system all at once.