Horse Feeding And Nutrition

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Horse Nutrition
Providing your horse with the correct balance of nutrients to ensure that your horse stays happy and healthy. Careful considerations such as the age of your horse, the amount of work being done, temperament and condition all play a part.

Rules Of Feeding
By following the rules of feeding will help to ensure that the correct balance and amount of feed are given to your horse. Being able to calculate what to feed and how much feed your horse will depend on their age, bodyweight , condition, workload and temperment.

Once you have worked the amount and type of feed you can decide how many feeds you will need to give your horse so that you dont give them too much at once.

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Horse Nutrition
A well balanced nutritious diet should contain the correct quantity of protein, fat, carbohydrate, water, fibre, vitamins and minerals to ensure that all their needs are met. A good knowledge of the different feed types and their preparations is of great benefit to ensure that you are feeding according to your horses needs.

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Feed Types And Supplements
There are many different horse feeds available on the market today, diferent categories such as cereals, protein feeds, bulk feeds, compound and forage feeds can all play a part in your horses diet. The addition of supplements and succulents can assist with specific nutrient deficiencies such as Garlic to aid the respiritorry and digestive systems.

Correct preparation of feeds is equally as important to reduce the chance of ailments such as colic and choke.

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