Cross Country Riding

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Cross Country, Eventing
During an eventing competition there are three phases, the dressage, show jumping and cross country.

The size and technical difficulty of cross country fences fences will depend on the level you are competing at. In lower levels of competitions the jumps are often single fences allowing inexperienced horses or riders plenty of time to (hopefully) safely negotiate.

As the jumps increase in size so do the demands on the horse and rider with combination fences, angled fences and narrow fences often included to test the athleticism and accuracy of both horse and rider. The terrain and location that a jump is placed also plays a huge part in the technical difficulty of a fence, even a humble log fence can prove a challenge if positioned correctly!

The Cross Country Fences
The fences shown in the video are typical of a British Eventing novice cross country round where several single and combination fences have been included.

Cross Country Penalties
Penalties can occur for a number of reasons: