Horse Competitions

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Western Competitions
There are many different types of competition available for Western riding and all test both the horse and riders skill, balance, movements and finesse.

Reining competitions originated from the need to test working cattle horses. During competition horse and rider have to perform a series of movements in a set order according to the pattern they have chosen these movements are judged and marked accordingly with points being both awarded and taken away according to the smoothness, finesse, attitude, quickness and authority

From the year 2000 Reining has been a recognized sport of the FEI (Federation Equestre International) and holds competitions such as World Equestrian Games (WEG) every four years, the FEI World Reining Masters which are held every year and the FEI European Championships which are held every two years.

Required Movements

Competitors must wear a western hat or safety helmet as well as long sleeved shirt with a collar and cowboy boots. The horse must have on the correct western tack complying with biting regulations.

Other Western Competitions