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Vaulting has been an International sport since about 1983 and it involves the rider, either as an individual or as part of a team, performing gymnastic exercises on a lunge horse who is being controlled by the lunger.

The sport of vaulting is open to both men and women who can compete individually or as part of a team with the movements performed being marked out of 10 with classes ranging from walk classes to the higher levels where the horse remains in canter for the whole of the routine.

Vaulting Exercises Performed
The horse, lunger and vaulter are judged as a team, with a number of specific exercises having to be performed in the compulsory tests in a set order. During the freestyle competition a more varied routine is performed but with the order and choice of exercise being left up to the vaulter or team. Some of the set movements that are performed and a brief description are listed below:

The Vaulter
Natural balance and gymnastic skills are required, practice often begins on a wooden horse which allows the individual or team to practice before the movements are put into practice on the horse. During competition the vaulters often wear full body leotards to allow for ease of movements and are usually matching or theme in line with the vaulters choice of music and vaulting shoes which are soft yet provide grip.

Vaulting Horse
For vaulting the horse needs to be exceptionally well mannered and well schooled to be able to maintain balance and rhythm whilst on a 15 meter lunge circle. The horse is also judged on its movement on the lunge and for its behavior. During competition the horse wears a bridle and cavesson which the lunge line is attached to, as well as a surcingle which has handles and stirrups for the vaulters to use. Over the horses back underneath the surcingle is a large saddle pad for protection and there are also the side reins which attached to the surcingle and clip onto the bridle.

Types Of Vaulting Competition
There are three types of competition available to Vaulters which are Individual, Pairs or Team events.

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