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Breaking In

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Breaking In
This is the term used when mounting the horse for the first time. After sufficient ground work such as handling, lunging and long reining have been done, then the breaking in process can begin, this way the horse will already have a basic understanding of wearing tack, voice commands, steering and stopping.

You Will Need
An experienced rider, assistant and the trainer, who should all be wearing hard hats, gloves and sensible footwear, and it is recommended that the rider also wears a body protector. You will need an enclosed arena that is free from jumps, cones and any other object that may have been left in there, a saddle, bridle, lunge line, a quiet day with plenty of time and lots of patience. Every horse is different to break in, some pick up things very quickly and are attentive, obliging and keen to learn, while others need a bit more time and patience until they feel happy with what you are asking them to do. The main thing to remember is, do not rush the horse, take your time to help the horse to understand and you will be rewarded later with an attentive happy horse who understands what is being asked of them.