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Bitless Bits And Bridles
Bitless bridles and bits are widely used not only for training or re-training of horses but also for horses who prefer not to have a conventional bit in their mouths for sensitivity reasons or rider preference.

Bitless bits and bitless bridles still need to be used by experienced and understanding riders, but when used correctly the rider should be able to use minimal pressure to gain the desired response.

Bits such as the English and German Hackamore should only be used by well informed riders due to the length of shank, nose and poll pressure, which, especially the German version, require a very light touch from the riders point of view and therefore should not be used by inexperienced hands.

Types Of Bitless Bits
This includes the German and English Hackamore which both exert pressure on the bridge of the horses nose and the poll:

Bitless Bridles And Halters
There are several variations to the bitless bridle or training halters which each exert pressure around the horses head depending on the type. When the rope or rein is used the horse essentially yields away from the pressure applied which can be around the side of the face, poll or across the bridge of their nose. Bitless bridles include the bosal, sidepull bridle, rope halters and bitless bridle: