Badminton Horse Trials
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Badminton Horse Trials
This for me is one of the biggest and best horse trial competitions of the year where as a spectator you will see the very top riders working in partnership with their horses all trying to win the Badminton trophy.

What Does The Competition Involve?
Horse and rider combinations must complete a Dressage test a Cross Country test and a crucial Show Jumping round.

The Horses
Horses can only compete at Badminton if they have gained sufficient points throughout the previous seasons to qualify, this ensures that both horse and rider are sufficiently prepared to take on this type of challenge. All horses must be over the age of 7 and be 15 HH high and over and when you see the size of the jumps you'll understand why!

Veterinary Inspections
All horses competing are inspected before the competition begins for soundness, health and fitness. During the course of the competition they are also inspected the day after the cross country which ensures that any horse who is not fit and healthy is not allowed to continue on to the show jumping round and is subsequently eliminated from the competition.

Riders - All riders must have gained enough points in order to compete, thus ensuring that they are experienced enough to cope with this type of challenge.

Badminton was first set up in 1949 and was won by Golden Willow. To begin with only horse and rider combinations from England were allowed to compete as the competition was aimed as preparation for overseas competitions. Nowadays Badminton takes entries from all over the world and the Badminton Trophy is the win that everyone is after.

The winner takes home the beautiful Badminton trophy. Armada Dishes are awarded to any rider who has completed Badminton 5 times, this was first achieved in 1964.

Amazing Badminton Feats

The Duke of Beaufort's estate is located approximately 15 miles from Bath and Bristol and is well sign posted for off the M4 around junctions 17 and 18 during the time of the competition.

Badminton Horse Trials Dates are from Wednesday 2nd May to Sunday 6th May 2018