Two FEI Endurance Events Removed Over Welfare Concerns

From: February Equestrian and Horse News 2015

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Two FEI Endurance Events Removed Over Welfare Concern
The International Federation For Equestrian Sports (FEI) executive board has elected to remove the last two remaining endurance competitions which were due to be held within the United Arab Emirates while an urgent investigation into the sport is carried out.

The FEI executive board meeting which was chaired by new President Ingmar De Vos has taken the measure of cancelling the remaining two competitions in order to help protect horse welfare and look into how to preserve the integrity of international rules and regulations within the sport.

The recent shocking footage of endurance horse Splitters Creek Bundy who collapsed during the Al Reef Cup endurance race with two broken forelegs has fuelled the need to improve horse welfare within the sport at both national and international level.