Horse Rescued By RNLI
January Horse News 2012

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Horse Rescued By RNLI
A young frightened horse has been rescued thanks to the RNLI who were called out after the horse fell down a rocky cliff in Pembrokeshire onto a small cove below.

The young horse was in a very distressed state at Ceibwr Bay, making it even more difficult for the lifeboat crew to get a head collar on so that they would be able to essentially swim it out to safety. After several failed attempts to catch the horse they eventually succeeded and were able to safely lead the horse out to sea where it swam next to the small lifeboat back to dry land.

Once on dry land the horse escaped once more but was quickly caught, loaded into a trailer and later reunited with the owner, amazingly the horse suffered no injuries after the fall down the cliff, and great respect goes out to the RNLI for getting this young horse back to dry land in such challenging conditions.