Girl Trampled To Death

From: May News 2011

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Girl Trampled To Death
A teenage girl called Elizabeth Colton has tragically died after an incident while tending to her own horse in a field close to their home in Garsdale, Cumbria.

It is believed that she lost control of the horse which she was attending to and fell to the ground at which point the horse is thought to have stood on her chest causing serious life threatening injuries.

Depite being airlifted to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Elizabeth later died from her injuries.



Horse Behaviour
Horse are by their very nature unpredictable and no matter how well you know them they can still behave out of character from time to time. Being able to quickly recognise a change in your horses body language and behaviour can in some cases help prepare you for whats about to happen.

Horses are prey animals and have spent centuries running away from predators and developing quick responses to anything that feel could be a threat to them. Responses can include spinning, shying, spooking and leaping away.

Horse Behaviour Signs - the excited, curious and unsettled horse: